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The Path Beyond the House – Pet Sematary

I need a recalibration because I haven't been keeping up with these reviews as much as I'd like. Whenever I need a recalibration, I go back to the thing that brings me comfort: the horror genre. I like spoopy stuff. So today, let's explore the first Stephen King book I ever read, which will now… Continue reading The Path Beyond the House – Pet Sematary

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What Makes a Good Character Relationship?

There are hundreds, thousands, maybe even more beautifully-written characters in published works. But what is a character on their own without any connection to the people around them? Isolated characters can only go so far; we are a social species, after all, so relationships of all sorts are important to us. Let's take a look at how fictional relationships work.


What Makes a Good Monster?

Everyone loves a cool monster design. I recently came across a Twitter thread on the subject and it got me thinking about what goes into effective horror monsters. There are a lot of schools of thought regarding horror in general, and because it's such a broad genre, its appeal will vary quite a bit from… Continue reading What Makes a Good Monster?


What Makes a Good Villain?

Okay, stop me if you've heard this before: "Marvel doesn't have very many good villains..." Yeah, everyone's heard or said that at least once. In the last year or so, I've heard dozens of people defend Hela, the Vulture, Ego, Killmonger, and especially Thanos as "good villains," only to later backpedal their arguments and claim… Continue reading What Makes a Good Villain?