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Lessons in Adaptation: Annihilation

How do you film a psychological thriller about alien plants? With a not-insubstantial effects budget, I would imagine. About a year ago, I reviewed the novella Annihilation, with the intent of eventually comparing it to its film adaptation. Here we are. In many ways, the film Annihilation is pretty conventional as far as adaptations go,… Continue reading Lessons in Adaptation: Annihilation

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3P Reviews: Annihilation (novel)

Annihilation (novel)   Spoilers: Yes Audience Assumptions: None   Part One: Biologist, Anthropologist, Surveyor, Psychologist You may have noticed that I like discussing adaptations. You may have also noticed that I'm an extraordinarily slow reader whose penchant for books has diminished in recent years. If you haven't noticed, I certainly have. Lately, I've actively sought out a… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Annihilation (novel)