2020 Honestly Amazing Thing Awards

It seemed impossible, but 2020 has finally come to an end. Will this year be better than the last one? I have hope for it, but you can bet things aren't going to suddenly get better. We're still in lockdown. We have a vaccine -- multiple vaccines, which is amazing! -- but it takes time… Continue reading 2020 Honestly Amazing Thing Awards

3P Reviews, Book and Play Reviews, Fantasy Series

Magic Isn’t Everything – Akata Witch

I’m always on the lookout for creative fantasy stories, given that so many of them feel like loose replicas of The Lord of the Rings. I feel I do a bad job of finding them much of the time. Thankfully, this YA novel by Nnedi Okorafor provides a perspective I didn’t even know I wanted,… Continue reading Magic Isn’t Everything – Akata Witch

Breakfast Recommendations

Demons, Dreams, and Hellish Things – Breakfast Recommendations #1

With the glut of entertainment out there, it can be hard to get an idea of what's good to watch or read or play outside of anything new. I don't know that this new review series is likely to change things, but maybe you'll find it useful. The idea here is that every week (more… Continue reading Demons, Dreams, and Hellish Things – Breakfast Recommendations #1