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An Underrated Mess – Eragon (film)

I like dragons. Rather a lot, actually. There was a stretch when I was about seven or eight where I refused to read anything that didn't have an animal on the cover, and if that animal was a dragon, I might actually finish the book. I think a lot of kids have this experience, or… Continue reading An Underrated Mess – Eragon (film)

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3P Reviews: Game of Thrones, Season Eight, Episode Five

Series Breakdown Rating: Characters: 4 Aesthetics: 7 Creativity: 5 Overall Plot: 7 Subplots: 5 Sum: 28/50   Spoilers: Possibly. Audience Assumptions: I'm just going to hope you're familiar with the series by this point.   Season Eight Episode Five: The Bells - **   Part One: We. Do. Not. Have. Time. For. Random. Woman. And. Child.… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Game of Thrones, Season Eight, Episode Five

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3P Reviews: Dragon Keeper

This is one of my older rants from a few years ago done up into a review. At the time, my main concern was just venting about how frustrated I was by this book, but because I often don't get much time to read these days and the long format of books makes it harder… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Dragon Keeper