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What Makes a Good Character Relationship?

There are hundreds, thousands, maybe even more beautifully-written characters in published works. But what is a character on their own without any connection to the people around them? Isolated characters can only go so far; we are a social species, after all, so relationships of all sorts are important to us. Let's take a look at how fictional relationships work.


What Makes a Good Monster?

Everyone loves a cool monster design. I recently came across a Twitter thread on the subject and it got me thinking about what goes into effective horror monsters. There are a lot of schools of thought regarding horror in general, and because it's such a broad genre, its appeal will vary quite a bit from… Continue reading What Makes a Good Monster?

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3P Reviews (Best Family Films): Paranorman

Breakdown Rating: Characters and Character Development: 7 Aesthetics and Style: 7 Animation: 9 Overall Plot: 8 Themes: 8 Sum: 39/50   Spoilers: Yes (after Part One) Audience Assumptions: None   Paranorman   Part One: It Looks Like Psychonauts. Of Course I'm Going to Love It. This is a singular animated film. Watching it the first time, I… Continue reading 3P Reviews (Best Family Films): Paranorman

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3P Reviews: The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy

Series Breakdown Rating: Characters and Character Development: 6 Aesthetics and Style: 8 Pacing: 5 Overall Plot: 5 Humor: 6 Sum: 30/50   Spoilers: Yes Audience Assumptions: Minor familiarity with the MCU, some familiarity with this film.   Prologue: I'll be completely honest, the main reason I'm doing these out of order is that I haven't been able… Continue reading 3P Reviews: The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy

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3P Reviews (Best Family Films): Ratatouille

Series Breakdown Rating: Characters and Character Development: 6 Depth: 7 Creativity: 8 Overall Plot: 7 Pacing: 7 Sum: 35/50   Spoilers: Yes Audience Assumptions: No assumptions   Ratatouille   Part One: Story and Characters From 1995 to the late 2000s, PIXAR Animation Studios released a slew of films that are nearly unmatched by any other production studio.… Continue reading 3P Reviews (Best Family Films): Ratatouille

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3P Reviews: Inception

Breakdown Rating: Plot: 8 Characters: 7 Aesthetics: 9 Structure: 8 Pacing: 9 Sum: 41/50   Spoilers: Yes Audience Assumptions: No familiarity   Inception   Part One: Christopher Nolan’s Love Affair with Non-Linear Narratives I complain a lot on this blog, mainly about narratives other people love. You might imagine this is because I just like to complain… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Inception

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Quicklist Reviews Black Swan

Black Swan Summary: A very sad lady wants to be a bird but maybe not.   Breakdown Rating: Characters: 4 Aesthetics: 6 Plot: 6 Cinematography: 6 Theming: 5 Sum: 27/50   Important Features: Mirrors Swans The Black Swan The White Swan Ballet Sex Buns Obsession with perfection Delusion and possibly hallucinations Death More swans  … Continue reading Quicklist Reviews Black Swan