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3P Reviews: Game of Thrones, Season Eight, Episode One

Series Breakdown Rating: Characters: 4 Aesthetics: 7 Creativity: 5 Overall Plot: 7 Subplots: 5 Sum: 28/50   Spoilers: Please tell me how you would write a review of this episode without spoiling anything. Go on. Audience Assumptions: Some familiarity Preface Surprise, ma bitches! We're doing episodic reviews for this season! First, if you're sick of all… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Game of Thrones, Season Eight, Episode One

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3P Reviews: Firewatch

Series Breakdown Rating: Narrative: 7 Aesthetics and Style: 8 Creativity: 7 Environment: 8 Gameplay: 5 Sum: 35/50   Spoilers: Yes Audience Assumptions: None. A little familiarity with gaming lingo wouldn't hurt, I guess?   Firewatch   Part One: A Call for Short Games I often run into a problem with video games that has little to do… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Firewatch


What Makes a Good Monster?

Everyone loves a cool monster design. I recently came across a Twitter thread on the subject and it got me thinking about what goes into effective horror monsters. There are a lot of schools of thought regarding horror in general, and because it's such a broad genre, its appeal will vary quite a bit from… Continue reading What Makes a Good Monster?

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3P Reviews: Psychonauts

Breakdown Rating: Characters and Character Development: 8 Aesthetics and Style: 8 Creativity: 9 Overall Plot: 7 Flow: 9 Sum: 41/50   Spoilers: Yes (also minor spoiler for Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin, I guess?) Audience Assumptions: None Psychonauts   Part One: Raz Has a Fabulous Hat This was one of the most challenging reviews to write.… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Psychonauts

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3P Reviews: Until Dawn

Series Breakdown Rating: Characters and Character Development: 5 Aesthetics and Style: 6 Creativity: 5 Overall Plot: 5 Gameplay: 6 Sum: 27/50   Spoilers: Yes Audience Assumptions: No assumptions   Until Dawn   Part One: Have You Ever Wanted to Yell at Inept Horror Protagonists? Now You Can Do That in a Video Game! Video games are almost… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Until Dawn

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3P Reviews: Don’t Starve

Breakdown Rating: Aesthetics: 8 Mechanics: 7 Challenge: 7 Pacing: 8 Depth: 8 Sum: 38/50   Spoilers: I guess? Audience Assumptions: None   Part One: How to Pace a Non-Story Well-crafted stories – that is, stories that are balanced by tight pacing, engaging narrative, cohesive structure, and artistic merit – can, in my opinion, outperform any… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Don’t Starve

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3P Reviews: Long Live the Queen

Series Breakdown Rating: Plot: 6 Aesthetics: 5 Writing: 6 Mechanics: 6 Flow: 6 Sum: 29/50   Spoilers: Not really? Audience Assumptions: Some familiarity with video games (specifically Democracy 3)   Long Live the Queen   Part One: Do You Like Democracy 3 But Wish It Had More Anime Princesses? Buddy, Have I Got Some Good News! Here’s… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Long Live the Queen