3P Reviews

3P Reviews: Limbo

Breakdown Rating: Visuals: 8 Flow: 6 Challenge: 6 Story: 7 Mechanics: 6 Sum: 33/50   Spoilers: Yes Audience Assumptions: Familiarity with video games   Part One: A Little Boy Lost in the Woods Most people who frequent indie platformers have heard of Limbo by way of its spider if by nothing else. The game is a… Continue reading 3P Reviews: Limbo

Quicklist Reviews

Quicklist Reviews: Rock of Ages

After writing my Fantastic Beasts review, I realized there were plenty of narrative media that I've come across and have wanted to review, but either don't have or don't want to spend the time to put in a full review. These would be the mediocre-to-decent films, books, and games that I either enjoy or don't… Continue reading Quicklist Reviews: Rock of Ages