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The Cost of Violence – Children of Blood and Bone

About a month or two back, I was shopping for groceries at my local supermarket when I passed in front of the small book stand they have at the back of the store, then paused when I noticed Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone nestled amongst the John Grisham and Robert Pattinson reprints. I… Continue reading The Cost of Violence – Children of Blood and Bone

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Magic Isn’t Everything – Akata Witch

I’m always on the lookout for creative fantasy stories, given that so many of them feel like loose replicas of The Lord of the Rings. I feel I do a bad job of finding them much of the time. Thankfully, this YA novel by Nnedi Okorafor provides a perspective I didn’t even know I wanted,… Continue reading Magic Isn’t Everything – Akata Witch